The beginning of something special…

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Some people hesitate in the face of intimacy because deep down they’re afraid of becoming unmoored and losing themselves. Some falter because they don’t want to go outside their comfort zone; and some just don’t know how to be more intimate.

We are going to suggest an alternative. There are many ways to view something, many angles and many lenses to look through. To gaze at something, pick an interpretation, and then imagine that how we see it must be the “right way” is problematic.

Explore with curiosity, wonder, and an attitude of play. Remember exploring as a kid? Looking around for clues to tell you what might happen next… what might be possible? As a kid we saw everything with new eyes. This blog is about experiencing an intimate life with new eyes.

It is also a place to read about ideas and exercises that increase connection and communication with your partner. And while it’s meant to increase the pleasure in your relationship, these topics can be translated to other areas of your life. You could even say it’s a road map for a mindful, sensual life.

Welcome to a space for couples that is meant to increase self-knowledge, intimacy, and joy. Welcome to SXCoach.

- Colleen and Sean

“Though oneness is the essence of love, the vitality of love comes from the partnership of two whole, in-the-flesh human beings who respect each other’s separateness. Ultimately every facet of human existence is reflected in the reconciliations of oneness and separateness.”

–Kaplan, Oneness & Separateness: From Infant to Individual.

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