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The Couples Course on Communication, Intimacy and Play!
supercharge your desire, and open up to intimacy

Price$295 $195 per couple (limited scholarships available)

Date: November 5th, 10am to 4:00pm

Course Description: Designed for those curious about how to increase intimacy in their lives, our signature course walks you and your partner, step-by-step, through five different ways to center yourself and connect with each other; providing a road map for a mindful, sensual life.

This is a 6-hour, One-Day immersive experience, designed to increase intimacy, reduce shame, and heighten sensation throughout your body.

Through this workshop you will learn how to:

  • center yourself, notice and identify sensations in your body, and elevate your self-care
  • develop meaningful relationships outside of your partnership, and why that is healthy for both of you
  • notice what is really happening in your relationship, as opposed to the judgements you have
  • cleanly and clearly communicate with your partner without blame or agenda,
  • express your desires without shame, and pursue those desires without becoming slave or addicted to them
  • tap into your inner-child and learn to play with each other freely


  • 10am Introductions and Lecture
  • 10:30am Focus IN
  • 11:30am Attention OUT
  • 12:30pm – 1:30 Lunch
  • 1:30pm Clearly Communicate
  • 2:30pm Touch
  • 3:00pm Play!
  • 3:45pm Explanation of 15-Minute SX
  • 4:00pm Q&A Course Ending

Prerequisites: A willingness to be curious

Limitations: You must register as a couple for this course. The Couples Course is open to female-female & male-female partnered relationships, as well as those who wish their friendships to cross normal societal boundaries.

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Space is limited. 10 Couples Maximum. for Scholarship Inquiry